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DD-364  Roster

DLG-11 Roster

DDG-42 Roster

DDG-72 Roster


EN2 Schmidt, Wayne USS Silversides SS-236

Seaman 1/c Scott, Bill Eugene USS Essex CVA-9

QM2 Noles, Johnnie A. USS Dewey DLG-14

LT Price, Bob USS Leahy CG-16

RD3    Masulaitis, Anthony M.    USS Exploit AM-440

Alfred Thayer Mahan

Mrs. Phyllis Hancock

Matthew J. Hofer

CAPT Tony R. Colucci USN (Ret) COMDESRON 4

COL John M. Brooks USA (Ret)

Michael & Clair Mahan

Norm Peterson

LT Ben Souler PhibGru7


Mrs. Lucy Smith

Mrs. Dorothy Nybro

Mrs. Ruby Millsap

John H. Moran

Mrs. William J. Happe, Margaret

Mrs. Virginia Highfill

Mary Eenst

Louise Biondo

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