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The below listed merchandise is available for purchase through the USS Mahan Association ship's store.    Be advised that the prices are subject to change, based on the cost of reorders.

To place an order fill out the attached order form and print it for mailing to the indicated address.  For all shirts, contact the Ship Store operator, Russ Owens, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for style and size availability, and shipping costs.


FRONT                                  BACK 

Mahan Association Challenge Coins, actual size, $6.00 each.

White ceramic stein with new Association logo on both sides,$20.

White ceramic coffee mug with new Association logo on both sides, $15.

Blue polo with white trim  with the 11/42 silhouette, only one left in, XL for $30.

One in 2X and six in XL with the DD-364 silhouette, shown above, $30 each.


Blue Polo Shirt with 11/42 silhouette, with pocket, in size XL only, $36. Shirt pictured has the DLG-11/DDG-42 artwork.




4"X 5" Mahan Association Patch  $8.00 each                                                                Blue Polo Shirt with Association logo , $36.                         


  New polo shirts being worn by shipmates at Master Chief Conran's retirement.                                                                                                                                           


                                                                                                      4" DLG-11 Patch                                                    4" DDG-42 Patch

                                                                                                           $6.00 each                                                                 $6.00 each


DLG-11 & DDG-42 Ballcaps

$14.00 each


$14.00 each





 Bumper stickers and bumper magnets.

Stickers $6.00 each, bumper magnets  $7.00 each.

4" X 12"

For pins, bumper stickers, etc., this is a good place to get them at reasonable prices: http://www.militarybest.com/

Tin Can Sailors  also has some great stuff in their store: http://www.destroyers.org/ShipsStore/SS-Router.htm

Patches for other ships can be found at: http://www.flyingtigerssurplus.com/shc-12.html


Some of our shipmates have become writers.  These are some of their works and links to their web sites.

Books by Kenneth Chastain Jr.  Plankowner of DLG-11  www.kennethchastainjr.com

Spears Odyssey  follows the exploits of a nineteen-year-old named Chris, who ventures out beyond the familiar and enters the navy. After boot camp he is assigned to a navy electronics school in Virginia. When Chris reports in, he learns he is being transferred T.A.D. to the WWII destroyer U.S.S Spears, which  becomes the instrument of an odyssey from naiveté to maturity.

 On his months-long journey, he is schooled in the various aspects of shipboard life.  From fellow sailors, he learns about life in other regions of the United States. He finally has his first, successful sexual encounter while in Scotland. Having learned and discovered so much, Chris still remains unaware his most challenging lesson is yet to come. Is he truly ready for it? The outcome awaits readers.

Flying Blind

Flight Officer–Service Pilot Roger Caron joined the army air force even though he was too old to be drafted; flying was the focus of his life. Earlier, he had met a young girl named Lorraine, who worked her way into his heart.

Although he was married and loved his wife Lorraine very much, his passion for aviation often kept them apart. This was the case in the middle of World War II when he joined the army air force and was sent to war in the China, Burma, and India (CBI) theater of operations. It was just another separation of many, made bearable because he would be flying—and flying was in his blood.

After spending many months enduring the hazards of war, life back home reached across the seas and grabbed Caron. His wife Lorraine was gravely ill. After enduring the challenging flight back to the U.S., his wife’s brother said that nothing could be done for her. How can Caron move forward when all he ever had was lost?

Colorado Tech


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