This page provides a means for crew  members  to enter their personal data and become a member of the USS  Mahan Association.  This data will only be used by association officers for official business. Only  the member's name, rank/rate, on-board dates, ship and e-mail will be posted on  the web site. If you do not want your e-mail address posted, or would like to specify  when it should be used, please leave a message to that effect in the Notes area.  Data will be posted to the web ordinarily within 1-3 days after entry. The  posted data will be available on the Roster page. 

For new members, we do not collect dues  but an annual donation to  the association would be most appreciated.   We also encourage members  to donate to the annual scholarship fund.  Information on these items will  be mailed to you on receipt of your mailing address, along with occasional  newsletters and reunion information.  Confidentiality is strictly  maintained and mailing addresses or phone numbers  will not be provided to any other sources and will be used only for official  association business.

If you were a crew member on more than  one USS Mahan, please fill out this form for each of the ships that you served  on.

Family members (spouses, children and  grandchildren) and friends of former crewmen  who have been approved by the  Association as associate members may also enter their data here.

Areas indicated by  the * are required for membership in the association.  All  others will be listed in the roster only and will not receive newsletters or  reunion info.

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Choose one of the hull numbers from the drop down menu:

Please provide the following contact information:

 *Highest Rank/Rate  on board Retired Rate/Rank
 *Dates on Board    From: To:example: 5/23/65  or 5/65
Spouse's Name
*Street Address
*Address (cont.)
*Zip Code
Home Phone


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